Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am going to take a minute to vent....under normal circumstances there are limited resources on both the Natchez Trace and the Blue Ridge Parkway....with the shut down none...yesterday at one of the visitor centers on the BRP the water fountain was turned off and this really fucking necessary?....They want people to "feel the pain"....they are putting my life, my health and safety in jeopardy...Sandy has literally spent hours chasing viable options....I been threaten with arrest twice for demanding to ride on closed roads....hassled for stopping at a closed facility to send a text message letting Sandy know I was ok....had to accept a ride to avoid 35 extra miles at the end of 120 mile day....and I had to beg for I am facing 115 miles and only one option for food and water without adding miles....tomorrow 140 miles and options are just as limited.... plus 100% chance of rain....venting off...

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  1. Vent away Al... This whole thing is a mess. We voted for some of these people. Lets all decide to make better decisions next time around. Good luck finding work arounds.