Monday, October 7, 2013

DAY 13 Summary

today was the kind of day that Gore-tex is worth carrying and every penny it cost....I've ridden in my share of crappy weather but today was intimidating as any....cold rain, thunder and lightening and 25mph was more comfortable on the climbs then the descents....Would warm up going up and chill going the rain brought down a lot of leaves ( moj twigg ) making the road very could feel the colder temperature too at the higher elevations....things calmed down quite a bit as I got closer to Roanoke....

it was a short a much over due chance to do laundry, eat well and get my legs up resting for the last two plan now is to ride the final 122 miles of the BRP and head into Waynesboro tomorrow....if all goes well then DAY 15 will be from there to Front Royal, on the west side of Shenandoah Natl Park for ~105 miles and forego the final 40 to Ashburn....then the ride will be it's been said "it ain't over until it's over"....there are no easy miles and nothing is taken for granted....

DAY 13 miles 59. Total miles 1628

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